2017 Annual Award Winners

Each year at the NMSDC Conference, we honor the top corporations, MBEs, and individuals for their contributions towards our shared goal of advancing business opportunities for minority-owned companies.

Below you will find a list of the most recent award winners, who were recognized at the NMSDC Conference in Detroit on October 25, 2017.

Corporations of the Year

This award recognizes world-class leadership in: Policies (supplier diversity is a guiding principle within the corporation); Leadership and Engagement; Procurement (showing increases year-over-year); MBE Development (providing development and contracts to MBEs); International Programs (providing global opportunities for MBEs); and Influence (demonstrating leadership in supplier diversity to other corporations).

Suppliers of the Year

These awards recognize the outstanding minority business enterprises (MBEs) in our network for their business growth and development, operational success, support of other minority businesses, and active participation in the community. Supplier of the year awards are broken down by four different classes, according to annual sales volumes.

Class I – Annual sales under $1 million

Class II – Annual sales between $1-10 million

Class III – Annual sales between $10-50 million

Class IV – Annual sales over $50 million

Harriet R. Michel Leadership Award

This new award, named after the defining leader of the NMSDC’s 45-year history, recognizes the next generation of leaders who will usher in future success for the organization.

Pauline Gebon
Head of Supplier Diversity

I. Javette Hines
Senior Vice President, Supplier Diversity and Sustainability
Citigroup, Inc.

Unsung Hero Award

For every bright shining star, there are just as many people who make equally significant contributions behind the scenes. This award is presented to those quiet leaders who find ways to contribute significantly to the NMSDC, often in unseen ways.

Jim E. Comer
Comer Holdings

Corporate “Gazelle” Award Winners

This award recognizes corporations showing rapid growth in their supplier diversity procurement efforts. Gazelle winners each have year-over-year spending growth of 30% or higher, and an aggregate MBE spend of more than $7 billion per year.

Corporate “Development” Award Winners

This award recognizes supplier development programs with particular emphasis on professional services and non-traditional categories.

Corporate “Financial” Award Winners

This award recognizes corporations that have demonstrated initiative in providing access to capital solutions and unique financial arrangements to minority suppliers. Their efforts facilitate MBE business growth, job creation, and job retention.

Bank of America

Corporate “Global Link” Award Winners

The Global Link category recognizes corporations that have a robust global supplier diversity and development program.

Corporate “Innovation” Award Winners

The Innovation Award recognizes a new corporate method, initiative, or process to accelerate and positively impact minority supplier development – with particular emphasis on professional services and non-traditional categories.

NMSDC Regional Council of the Year

The NMSDC Regional Council of the Year award recognizes an exemplary affiliate council that demonstrates the programs, activities and accomplishments that establish it as a model of organization, operation and success.