NMSDC 45th Anniversary & Top 45 Awards

In celebration of our 45-year anniversary, the NMSDC is honoring the people and businesses who have contributed most to our organization’s success. Our belief is that in order to look ahead to the future, we must also properly acknowledge and celebrate our past.

From our early days as the National Minority Purchasing Council (NMPC) in 1977, to our current national network of 23 affiliate regional councils and over 1,750 corporate members, the NMSDC has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to the relentless support of the leaders within our network.

About the NMSDC Top 45 Award

At our 2017 NMSDC Conference held in Detroit, an award was created to honor the 45 people who have been most instrumental in the NMSDC’s 45 years of success. In keeping with the theme of Motown and record-topping hits, the award was dubbed “The Top 45 Award.”

Top 45 Logo

The recipients of the NMSDC Top 45 Award are (in alphabetical order):

Clifford A. Bailey
Jon E. Barfield
John M. Barth
Dorothy Brothers
Harvey Butler
Benita Fortner
Maye Foster-Thompson
Leonard Greenhalgh
Ronald Hall, Sr.
Fernando J. Hernandez
Janice Bryant Howroyd
Richard A. Huebner
Richard A. Hughes
Renaldo M. Jensen
Tracey Jeter

Earvin Johnson, Jr.
Burt R. Jordan
Jethro Joseph
Joan Kerr
Reginald K. Layton
Chick Lee
Donna Long
James H. Lowry
Serafin U. Mariel
Don McKneely
Thomas L. McLeary
Harriet R. Michel
Rohena A. Miller
Perrin Mitchell
Ralph G. Moore

Sharon Patterson
William Pickard
Margo J. Posey
James Proctor
Terri Quinton
Roderick K. Rickman
Anthony W. Robinson
Michael K. Robinson
Andra M. Rush
David L. Steward
Shelley Stewart
Adrienne C. Trimble
Kathleen Trimble
Nina Vaca
Scott A. Vowels