Event Submissions

PLEASE NOTE: Only pillar programs, as defined by NMSDC, should be submitted to be submitted. Pillar programs are defined as:

  • Certify: These are activities that help MBEs with the certification process, e.g., pre-/post-certification workshops.
  • Develop: These are capacity building activities for certified MBEs, i.e., trainings, continuing education workshops.
  • Connect: These are activities that connect certified MBEs to corporate members, i.e., trade fairs, matchmakers, procurement conferences.
  • Advocate: These are activities that promote the value of minority business development among corporate members, i.e., award dinners, golf outings, receptions.

If there is no registration link there should be more information about the event on your website for potential attendees. If you do not have additional information about the event on your website, there should be someone attendees can contact to RSVP or speak with to learn more about the event.