The NMSDC network is going through a period of transformative change based on the needs of our key stakeholders, corporate members and MBEs.  These changes are critical and necessary in order to remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace. We understand periods of change can often bring misunderstandings and miscommunication, and that is why we at NMSDC are encouraging all of our stakeholders to contact us directly to answer any questions or clarify any rumors in the network.

Going forward, we will post your questions, comments and answers to this page.  We will also leverage this page to highlight network initiatives National is leading and also any changes taking place that we want to make sure you know about. Contact us here.

Recent Changes at NMSDC:

Effective, August 4, 2016, Carrie McIndoe assumed responsibilities for the Enterprise Learning Solutions Department.   Ms. McIndoe has been in the field of entrepreneurship and strategic business planning and financing for emerging growth companies for over 20 years, having created Business Plan Bootcamp for entrepreneurs.  She has been involved in financing/funding, leveraging her securities licenses.  Her work in student entrepreneurship education through teacher training workshops has impacted nearly half a million individuals.

Ms. McIndoe is a Capstone Advisor to Bard MBA students in the area of sustainability. She is also an instructor for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.  She is a graduate of Boston University with a BS in Business Administration and received a Certificate of Special Studies in Administration and Management from Harvard University Extension School.  She was awarded the Boston University Metropolitan College Alumni Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession and the Henry Morgan Award for outstanding contribution to the Entrepreneurial Management Institute Program.

Questions & Answers

Question: There have been a lot of questions about NMSDC asking for additional dollars from the affiliates.  It has also been stated that NMSDC misappropriated or misappropriated funds and that’s why the national office needs additional money.  Is this true?


There is no truth to what you are hearing. This is a destructive rumor.  NMSDC takes all budget issues seriously.  All major spending decisions are approved by the Executive Committee as required by the NMSDC bylaws.  NMSDC complies with all nonprofit and accounting regulations.  In addition, the organization is audited annually by  Mitchell & Titus, the largest minority-controlled accounting firm in the country.   The audited financials are included in NMSDC’s financial statements and presented to the Board of Directors annually.  The information is also available at  Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and giving us an opportunity to address your concerns.  It is important that we remain focused on the organization’s mission.

Question: Why is NMSDC starting another strategic planning cycle?  What did we gain from the first one?


NMSDC’s 2012 strategic plan addressed several key issues to drive greater efficiency and service delivery.  We achieved several major milestones during the last five years.

·         First, we restructured our affiliate network from 36 regional councils to 24 (now 23), creating a more efficient, effective network.

·         Second, we rebuilt our technology platform to develop NMSDC Central, a dynamic certification and vendor management tool that will includes reporting capabilities that allow for advanced analytics and more effective trend and impact reporting for the NMSDC network and our constituents.

·         Third, we launched a branding campaign in September 2013 to redefine the organization as the global leader in minority supplier development. This included the unveiling of a new NMSDC logo that was customized for each of the regional affiliates, representing a true, synergistic network.

·         Fourth, we utilized the latest technology to develop performance metrics and a self-compliance tool called Z.O.N.E., or Zeroing in On Network Excellence, to focus intently and specifically on the interface between corporate members, MBEs and service delivery. Our newly integrated approach to monitoring performance is driven by our member and MBE constituents seeking higher value and more positive outcomes from their experience with and within our network.

This first ever enterprise wide strategic plan was designed to create a strong foundation for the organization.  The 2017 strategic plan will focus on building on that foundation and result in new value-added programs and services for our national members and certified MBEs.   In order to ensure continuous improvements, ALL organizations engage in strategic planning processes.  NMSDC is no different.  It is our job to understand the changes in the marketplace so that we can keep up with the needs of our constituents.

Question: There’s a rumor that National is looking to decrease the number of regions from 4 to 6 – is this true?


This is not true and we’re not sure how it got started.  National has no plans to change the number of regions.  Six it is!

Question: It was great to see Joset on the Roland Martin show.  Why was this not communicated through the network?  Where can I find a link to the video?


Up until late the night of, we were not aware of whether the interview was live, taped or the format.  As you will see, if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram,  the interview was pushed out on all social platforms, along with the NMSDC App, and an email announcement was sent to the NMSDC network immediately the day after.  If you have not already done so, please add to your safe list so you can stay abreast of up to date network news. In addition, keep an eye on our Heard It Through The Grapevine page, as we update it regularly with various news.   You can watch the full interview here.

Question: Who are the members of the NMSDC executive committee?


Clifford Bailey – President & CEO, TechSoft Systems, Inc.

Benita Fortner – Director, Supplier Diversity, Raytheon Company

I. Javette Hines – Senior Vice President Supplier Diversity and Sustainability, Citigroup, Inc.

Jim Holloway – General Manager of Supplier Relations in Purchasing, Toyota North America

Burt Jordan – Vice President, Global Vehicle and Powertrain Purchasing and Supplier Diversity, Ford Motor Company

William Kornegay – Senior Vice President of Hilton Supply Management, Hilton Worldwide

Reginald Layton – Vice President of Supplier Diversity and Supply Chain Sustainability, Johnson Controls

Farryn Melton, C.P.M. – Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Margo Posey – President, Dallas Ft. Worth Minority Supplier Development Council

Arnold Sowa – Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, MetLife, Inc.

Shelley Stewart, Jr. – Vice President, Sourcing & Logistics, DuPont

David Wheeler – Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain, Cintas Corporation

Louis Green – Interim President, NMSDC

Question: There is a lot going on around protecting data – what is the NMSDC data security policy?


NMSDC takes data security seriously.  We have contractual agreements with our vendors around security and confidentiality of all data and documentation provided by firms applying for certification (or recertification) by an NMSDC Affiliate.  NMSDC is also currently updating the confidentiality policy and will have enhanced guidelines by end of year.

Question: Is NMSDC on track to end the year with a balanced budget?


NMSDC is currently facing a deficit.  However, we are implementing a financial plan with cost control initiatives , along with new business development and revenue generation strategies.  Based on financial projections we will balance the budget by mid-2018.

Question: NMSDC continues to struggle with a database that does not work – what are the plans to make the database more robust and user friendly?


Based on numerous feedback we have received from constituents, the NMSDC CENTRAL® database is working effectively and producing quality search results.  We provide various methods of training for both our affiliates and corporate members.  As always, NMSDC will continually strive to advance business connections that count.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.  If you or your staff need training, please contact Theresa Childress at