Minority Business Information System (MBISYS®)


What Is MBISYS®?

MBISYS®, a program of the NMSDC, is a national database that provides comprehensive information on more than 16,000 of America's top minority-owned firms.

What is MBISYS® Source of Information?

The information is collected by the NMSDC network of 36 affiliated councils through a standardized certification process.

Who Can Access The Database?

The database is currently available to national members and their designated service points (purchasing locations).  Local members of affiliated regional councils can access the MBEs in their service area.

How Do You Access MBISYS®?

MBISYS® is an on-line database. If you have an account, access to the MBISYS® database is available over the Internet.  NMSDC staff will provide orientation, and can provide you with a username and password. You can also refer to a user's guide for additional instructions on how to fully utilize the system.

What Type of Information Does MBISYS® Provide?

This frequently updated database provides access to data on all of the minority-owned businesses certified by the NMSDC network. Each listing provides the user with an essential core of information şu including full company name, address, telephone number, key contact name, Web site, business references and federal ID code, if applicable. Each business is described by a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code and a product service description. Additional information includes such data as number of employees, minority classification (Asian, Black, Hispanic or Native American), annual sales and business structure type.

Why Is MBISYS® Important to Minority-Owned Firms? 

  • MBISYS® increases the firms' sales and marketing capabilities on a national basis, at no
  •  MBISYS® users include America's top publicly-owned, privately-owned and foreign-
    owned firms, and other buying organizations with billions of dollars in purchasing power.
  • National member companies that are interested in doing business with minority-owned firms
    can identify a company on MBISYS® and call directly.
  • National members are receptive to working with minority firms certified by the NMSDC 
    network, and many require NMSDC certification of prospective minority suppliers.
  • MBISYS® provides corporations with an essential core of information on each company, 
    which focuses their search while eliminating inquiries from people interested in products or
    services the MBE does not provide.
  • By the time a corporate representative calls the MBE, they are already familiar with who the
    key personnel are, what products or services are provided, geographic capabilities, and also 
    may be familiar with performance from business references provided in the profile.

The probability of getting business from these companies is far higher than from average sales calls.

Why is MBISYS® Important to Corporate Members? 

  • Your purchasing organization will benefit from increased efficiency and flexibility. In a matter of minutes, 
    your computer can sift through thousands of records to find the most qualified minority suppliers to fit your needs.
  •  MBISYS® supplements internal supplier listings and expands the company's sourcing capabilities.
  •  Through an on-going certification and re-certification process, the information in the database is constantly updated. The system provides the most reliable and current information on minority suppliers.
  •  A comprehensive indexing system gives access to records by the NAICS code, keyword search, minority classification, regional council, and annual sales.
  •  You can choose to generate reports in a variety of standardized formats, or develop your own customized reports.
  •  MBISYS® is a service included in the national corporate membership at no additional cost.
  •  Orientation, training and on-site demonstrations are provided upon request.
  •  For those national member companies which cannot access the system directly, custom searches and hard copy reports are provided upon request.