Supplier Diversity Online  

Learn what is possible as well as what other purchasing organizations are doing.

NMSDC’s supplier diversity online course is AVAILABLE NOW for continuing education in support of minority supplier development.

NMSDC’s kind of training is not currently offered anywhere else.  Our corporate members tell us NMSDC is the appropriate organization to offer targeted learning events to enhance the corporate/MBE, buyer/seller relationship.

Everyone needs to know.

This course will not only assist the supplier diversity staff. Corporate members have suggested they will enroll their corporate Diversity Council members. Several corporate members are building NMSDC's online course into the individual learning plans for buyers. And they are referring their first Tier suppliers to this course. 

Quality and thoroughness of NMSDC’s traditional and online programs is comparative, competitive and provides attendees with great program delivery options. 

The online course may be less intrusive on personal and professional schedules.
There are similar expectations with regard to study time, self-discipline and determination.


  • Provides essential tools via virtual learning
  • No time constraints, seven weeks to cover the full 18-hour course
  • Newest and proven resource materials

This NMSDC course provides a comprehensive overview of minority supplier development; Best Practices for planning, implementing and assessing a supplier diversity process; and tools to insure maximum impact and relevance to your company’s business strategy. 

  • Guidance and direction are provided by online facilitators, experienced supplier diversity professionals chosen by NMSDC      
  • Interact with a vibrant community of your colleagues, in chat rooms and threaded discussions
  • The online course is available over a 7-week period that will enhance the corporate/MBE buyer/seller relationship
  • The online course allows participants to interact
    with a vibrant community of their colleagues in chat rooms and
    threaded discussions.

                                  Registration to be announced.
                           Check back for more information
                           $1,199 per person

   Click here to register.             

·         Earn 18 CEUs from the Institute of Supply Management

·         Certificate of Completion from NMSDC/Rutgers University

This is one of the most innovative business training programs in corporate America. 
We have received very positive feedback about the content and we hope you will enjoy your experience as well.  Please plan to send a team from your corporation to keep people informed and inspired, and to make sure your corporation is best in class in supplier diversity.   

Joset B. Wright
National Minority Supplier
Development Council                                

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Supplier Diversity Online

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Additional online learning events will be developed for corporations, minority businesses and NMSDC-affiliated Councils.

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