The #WeAreNMSDC Campaign

To celebrate our 45th anniversary and the accomplishments of the NMSDC network, we are launching the We Are NMSDC Campaign to highlight our corporate members, MBEs and affiliates and to showcase the economic impact of minority businesses. The We Are NMSDC campaign will kick off in March and will culminate at the 2017 NMSDC Conference in Detroit, October 22-25. We invite our corporate members, MBEs and affiliate councils to participate in the We Are NMSDC campaign.

How to Participate?

Participants can create a 60-90 sec video to post on their web site, social media channels and share with NMSDC.  The video must include the following:

Corporate Member

1) Minority supplier development efforts

2) Involvement with NMSDC and the benefits of NMSDC membership

3) Encourage other corporations in your industry group to join to the same under the hashtag #WeAreNMSDC on social media


1) Positive experience within the network

2) Encourage non-certified MBEs to get certified

3) Encouraging other NMSDC certified MBEs to do the same under the #WeAreNMSDC on social media


1) Efforts in the network

2) Call to MBEs to get certified

3) encouraging other councils to do the same under the #WeAreNMSDC on social media

Participation months: (Industry groups)

  • March: Healthcare
  • April: Advertising, Entertainment, Media and Sports
  • May: Utilities
  • June Technology
  • July: Petrochemical and Energy
  • August: Financial Services
  • September: Consumer Products
  • October: Automotive

#WeAreNMSDC Videos & Podcasts

Express Scripts – Corporate Member
Healthcare Industry Group

Kendra Burris-Austin
Director, Supplier Diversity
Express Scripts

Welcome to the first episode of the Podcast #WeAreNMSDC. We recently sat down with Express Scripts and spoke with Kendra Burris-Austin and Bianca Hester to learn more about their Supplier Diversity Program.

For those unaware Express Scripts is an American Fortune 22 corporation located in St. Louis, MO. They are the largest pharmacy benefit management organization in the United States, with annual revenues in excess of $100 billion.

Quick Fact: Express Scripts utilizes the Rule of One, an initiative that insures a diverse supplier is represented on every competitive bid.

Joset Wright-Lacy

“The Power of the Network”
Anjali Ann Ramakumaran (CEO, Ampcus), Dr. Ramesh Wadhwani (President/CEO
Sai Systems International, Inc.), Beatrice Louissaint (President & CEO, Florida State MSDC), Keith Hines (Director, Procurement, PricewaterhouseCoopers – PWC)