Corporate Member Newsletter – Summer 2015

Message from the President

Joset Wright LacyNMSDC is pleased to bring you the latest edition of our e-Newsletter for national and regional corporate members. This bulletin will offer important, useful information designed to serve the needs and interests of NMSDC member corporations with active supplier diversity programs.

Warmest regards,
Joset Wright-Lacy
National Minority Supplier Development Council

2015 Leadership Awards

The NMSDC Leadership Awards, which took place on May 20 in New York City, honors corporate executives, supplier diversity professionals, minority business owners and an affiliate council president for their exemplary leadership. NMSDC recognized the range of leadership within the network, from new faces to industry stalwarts, for the positive impact they have had on minority supplier development. Star Jones, a well-respected media personality and women’s and diversity advocate, served as Emcee.

Leadership Awards Honorees:

Clarion Award Benita Fortner Raytheon Company

Clarion Award
Benita Fortner
Raytheon Company

Trailblazer Award Fred Lona Hilton Worldwide

Trailblazer Award
Fred Lona

Hilton Worldwide

Catalyst Award John Munson, Jr. Macy’s Inc.

Catalyst Award
John Munson, Jr.

Macy’s Inc.

Clarion Award Albert Chen Telamon Corporation

Clarion Award
Albert Chen

Telamon Corporation

Trailblazer Award Nina Vaca Pinnacle Technical Resources

Trailblazer Award
Nina Vaca

Pinnacle Technical Resources

Catalyst Award Hiten Patel Collabera

Catalyst Award
Hiten Patel

CPO of the Year Award Shelley Stewart, Jr. DuPont

CPO of the Year Award
Shelley Stewart, Jr.

Vanguard Award Fernando Martinez Northwest Mountain MSD

Vanguard Award
Fernando Martinez
Northwest Mountain MSDC

National Member Spotlight

CVS Health, Raul Suarez Rodriguez, Supplier Diversity Manager

Q: How are you leveraging your NMSDC-certified MBEs to meet your global needs?

A: We recognize the importance of developing relationships with diverse-owned businesses. CVS Health will continue to expand our partnership with NMSDC and its members to help us identify and develop diverse businesses and emerging entrepreneurs, thereby strengthening the many communities we serve.

Q: How does your CEO show his support of supplier diversity?

A: CVS Health serves millions of customers from countless backgrounds. In order for our businesses to thrive, it’s vital to have a workforce and supply chain that reflects the customers and the communities they live in. Our President and CEO, Larry Merlo, is a champion of diversity and has instilled its importance in all of CVS Health’s initiatives.

In fact, diversity is not only considered in the supplier diversity space, but in all aspects of our business. This includes multicultural products, workforce development and training programs, and even in our company’s charitable giving efforts. Mr. Merlo has asked all colleagues with purchasing authority to consider reflecting the diversity of our colleagues, customers and communities in our supplier base.

Q: In what ways is supplier diversity part of your procurement process throughout your company?

A: Our supply chain has a tremendous impact on our business. That’s why we are continually enhancing our Supplier Diversity Program. Each year, we proactively seek out products and services from diverse-owned businesses. We also encourage diverse-owned, independent retail pharmacies to become certified enterprises in order to expand their business opportunities with us.

In addition, our Supplier Diversity team partners with CVS Health business units as advocates for the integration of supplier diversity into strategic procurement activities. We’ve successfully utilized diverse-owned businesses in many areas of our company, including professional, scientific and technical services, construction, repairs and maintenance, manufacturing, wholesale trade, administrative support, information technology, retail trade, transportation and warehousing.

Learn more about Raul in this video

Toyota, Jim Holloway, General Manager of Supplier Relations & Systems; Chair of Corporate Plus®, NMSDC

Corporate Plus® is an exclusive membership program for NMSDC-certified minority businesses with national capabilities and a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions, quality services and products.

Corporate Plus® addresses corporate member requests for assistance in locating minority suppliers with the capacity to fulfill national contracts.

Q: What is the value of Corporate Plus® membership to NMSDC corporate members?

A: Primarily, it provides a connection to a network of MBEs with proven capability on a national scale.

Q: How do MBEs benefit from Corporate Plus® membership?

A:  MBEs benefit from the visibility provided toward corporate members.

Q: What can Corporate Plus® MBEs do to distinguish themselves from their MBE peers?

A: In any competitive environment, customers are looking for value and innovation.

Q: Why is the Corporate Plus® program important?

A: There are several reasons Corporate Plus is important. For example, it fosters a linkage between Corporations and MBEs that are proven on a national scale, it raises visibility for MBEs and, hopefully, heightens participation of MBEs in the NMSDC network.

NMSDC welcomes our new National Corporate Members!

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IMPACT 2015 Launch

IMPACT 2015 LaunchEarlier this year, NMSDC launched IMPACT 2015 to connect more closely and on a regional basis with its national corporate members, certified MBEs and affiliate presidents. The two-day event in New York City, sponsored by Time Warner, highlighted the “State of the Network,” and offered insight on exciting new initiatives planned for 2015/2016, in addition to a focus on our certified women business owners. Dr. Katherine W. Phillips, Senior Vice Dean at Columbia University, and Erika V. Hall, PhD, Assistant Professor of Organization and Management at Emory University, discussed the challenges and opportunities facing minority businesses.

Continuing the success of the IMPACT 2015 series, NMSDC will present two more IMPACT 2015 events, in July (Chicago, July 28-29) and September (Las Vegas, Sept 30-Oct 1.) These two-day events will highlight the“State of the Network,” offer insight on exciting, new initiatives planned for 2015/2016 and a focus on our certified women business owners.

Together, we can all make a positive IMPACT on supplier diversity. For more information, click here for Impact 2015 – Chicago

Save The Date Summer and Fall 2015 Events

Minority Business Executive Program (MBEP)
June 14-19, 2015, Seattle, WA

National Program Managers’ Seminar
July 7-9, 2015, Chicago, IL

IMPACT 2015 (Chicago)
July 28-29, 2015, Chicago, IL

Regional Program Managers’ Seminar
September 16-17, 2015, San Francisco, CA

Impact 2015 (Las Vegas)
Sept 30 – Oct 1, 2015, Las Vegas, NV

NMSDC Conference and Business
Opportunity Exchange

October 18-21, 2015, San Diego, CA